Child Care Management Software

A modern young girl sits on a white floor and use a laptop.

With the many opportunities offered by today’s technology, turning to a comprehensive software solution for a smoother-running childcare business makes good sense. There are many solutions out there, but not all are truly equipped to deliver the right tools and resources – and some are more costly and difficult to use than others. Among the Australian selection of CCMS offerings Kidsoft is quickly becoming a preferred choice.

“We’ve made it easy and hassle-free as possible to get started with Kidsoft, an experience you’ll be able to continue as your business grows.”

Clients who are new to Kidsoft are able to take advantage of our pre-transition testing environment, which can be complemented with full data to make the transition itself easy and minimally disruptive for business. Kidsoft is also pleased to offer a single source of services and accountability, meaning clients are never left with third-party black holes, unanswered questions, or other common problems. We’ve designed the Kidsoft solution to be as flexible as possible, ensuring that it can grow with childcare businesses to take on greater client numbers and other operational requirements.

One of the most attractive aspects of Kidsoft for many of our customers is our lower overall cost of ownership. You can allocate more funds to the areas of your business that need them. And while we charge significantly less than competitors, we’re serious about security. Our multiple redundant servers prevent data loss while our solid security practices keep data visible only to you. All with a very low reliance on technical expertise and experience for proper use, these benefits have helped make Kidsoft the right choice for many Australian childcare companies.

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