Easy Transition to Daycare or to School

Young girl playing with educational toys

Many parents in Australia stress about the easy transition into nursery or pre-school as their children get ready for their first step towards their education life. Kidsoft have years of experience in early learning and can offer the assurance that any centre where they have been involved with training staff, choosing staff or whole set up will have the experience to deal with this easily.

Beginning their school journey can be stressful for children as well as parents. Some children will find that they are intimidated by new buildings, being with children who they don’t know and as well new boundaries. This time lays the foundation for a successful learning process.

We feel it is important for parents to start to build relationships with the staff and management at the centres. Some children will adjust better than others and this is why parents and teachers need to be close. To help with this we advise centres and schools to have visit days where the children and parents can get to know the school, what facilities it has and also get familiar.

It’s also a good opportunity for parents to get to know the teachers and ask any questions or discuss problems they think their children may have.

The trick is to build up their confidence and actually look forward to going. They need to chat about it in a positive and happy way. Parents can help here by developing interesting aspects of their own experiences or those of older siblings. Turn the conversations into a healthy habit.

We cannot stress how important it is for teachers and parents to collaborate. For example if there’s difficult situations at home, or your child has some health issues. It’s always important to keep communicating about the children’s work, what’s coming up and for parents to encourage children to talk about their experiences at nursery or school.

It’s all about encouragement and working as a team until they are settled and on their educational journey brimming with confidence.

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