Essential Software Systems for Parents and Clients

Mum, Dad and baby on mobile and tablet

We have become a strong leader in essential software systems for parents and clients for over the last 20 years. Our innovative software are cloud based and work out financially cheaper than direct software installation from our industry competitors. All our CCMS systems are also globally accessible.

Imagine being able to offer parents the opportunity to manage everything to do with their child’s childcare from their mobile device! Our iParentPortal app helps busy parents who are usually well organised keep up to date all the time especially when some days things change due to their busy schedule. This superb portal allows guardians to get feedback, receive important documentation, make and change bookings and also manage payments. At Kidsoft we understand how important it is for parents to stay engaged with their child’s childcare centre.

iCheckIn is an amazing tool that helps parents and staff follow the attendance of each child by using a simple pin code. This easy to use system checks in children with the exact time every day and also records the time a child checks out. This can be conveniently used on touchscreen mobile devices very simply. Parents can receive alerts if they miss a check in or check out so everything is recorded in the one place enabling guardians and centre management to keep organised records in a cost effective and easy process.

All of Kidsoft’s Child Care Management Systems have been built and designed inside the specifications of the Australian Government and we closely follow the Government policies in case of changes so we can stay updated. We constantly research deeply into new developments and how we can continually improve the function of our essential software for parents and clients as well as centre staff. The dynamics of Kidsoft will always be ahead of the game thanks to our superb team with over 20 years experience in the industry. We know what our clients need as we have been clients.

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