Holiday Outside Fun

Boys flying a kite in the sunshine

It’s holiday time again so we have come up with some simple, fun outdoor holiday ideas to keep the kids away from computer games, DVD’S and get them outside in the last of the summer weather.

Frisbees are one of the best sorts of outdoor entertainment for children. A simple frisbee can be hours of fun as long as you create a little competition. It is also a great way of getting them to exercise, and all ages can play.

As the weather looks set to stay fine take the kids on a nature walk. Let them experience life outside of your own garden or yard and get out there among all things natural. Planning is always a good idea, so check out local nature reserves or walks by the beach and along the coast. Be realistic as to how far your kids can walk as toddlers obviously can’t walk as far as young children.

Try to take your children somewhere they haven’t been before. Collect, stones and shells for them to paint later at home. Make a note of your local bird variety and try and spot them. Most of all take photo’s and make a collage so the kids can relive their experience and maybe show it to their teacher and friends.

Easter wouldn’t be complete without a treasure hunt! A tip here is to maybe use box’s of smarties or well wrapped up lollies. Depending on the kids age hide them in the local park or if you have generous space at home then do there. This is also a great way for getting neighbourhood kids together and a good source of communication with your community. The games are not over till the last one is found! Of course you must give them a few clues with directions, another good learning source.

Finally, weather permitting, head to the beach or park with bats and balls. Start up a round robin to find a winner. Or alternatively pack a kite and watch in delight as your children navigate getting it in the air, even if it’s by you running at speed trailing the kite behind you! Don’t forget to take that all important picnic wherever you go and of course easter eggs for a post activity treat. After a fun time outside your kids are sure to have¬† a good nights sleep and so will you.

Happy Easter from us all at Kidsoft!

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