Simple Christmas Decorations

Kid painting reindeer on a paper plate

It’s that time of year again and a great excuse for children to make their own simple Christmas decorations to take home to proud parents. It’s the best time of year to get crafty and also young children love doing this. It not only gets their creative minds going but also enables them to work with their little hands that helps with co-ordination skills. Below are some of our favourite.

Hands Christmas Tree
On green paper trace around lots of little hands and also some adults, these are the leaves. Trace around a child’s foot on brown paper for the trunk. Glue the trunk onto a piece of card then place the hands overlapping so they look like tree branches, simply add a yellow star on top and you’re almost finished. Cut around the tree, poke a hole in the top with a hole punch and thread through some sparkly thread or ribbon to add it to a Christmas tree. All you need is the coloured paper, glue, scissors and the thread.  So simple yet effective and cute.

Snowman Cards
These are easy for young pre-schoolers to do. Fold a piece of card in half. Glue on 2 round pieces of cotton wool pads to make to face and the body. The kids can draw on the eyes nose, mouth and a hat of their choice. To add a snowflake scene just add some glittery sequins or some sticky diamonte’s.

Santa Beard
All kids love Santa’s beard. Print of a Santa beard template, there are multiple online, and then stick it on some card for a bit more sturdiness. Once glued down cut around the beard. Guide your children to add glue to the beard and then cover it with lots of cotton wool. Finally tape a lollipop stick to the back and there they have their own Santa beard.

Happy crafting!

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