Boy with letter blocks

Top Learning Gifts

Boy with letter blocks

As Christmas looms it may be a good idea to point out some top learning gifts for your little ones. In Early Learning Management we continually stay in the know of new and old favourites and highly recommend the ones below for their clever ingenuity in helping your tots learn while having fun. These can also be good for pre-school classes.

Construction Space links
These wonderful open ended links give children the chance to create whatever they want, There’s 60 links to a pack that will keep them busy for hours and they also come in bright colours. Great for imagination and they will also help them develop their fine motor skills. This is an ideal gift for children of 3+ years.

Phonetics Flipper
These are great fun as the picture flips over and then comes the 2 letters. This can be a cute competition for more than one tot, as the first to say the word correctly gets points. There’s 40 cards with letters and 30 with images, so plenty of goes. The stand is very useful also, and it easily collapses when you want to put it away.

Peg Puzzle
Kids love puzzles and this one is perfect. It has four bases each with a different shape and different coloured shapes to fit over the pegs. The aim is to find the right shape to go over the right shaped post, but kids will make up what they want. The base is also a four piece puzzle made from natural wood.

Colouring for fun Placemats
These are a great idea, and the ink is non toxic. They wipe clean so can be used time and time again. Very educational yet fun. The mats are 44cm by 20cm. These also come in an array of designs like the weather, construction and numbers etc.

Build your very own Solar System
Kids can build this and add glow in the dark effects with pots of glow paint. It spans 30cm so it has a real wow factor with little ones. Included inside is a model of the solar system, a Saturn ring template, a brush, paint pots, sand paper, a stand with 9 rotating arms and very good instructions. The perfect science gift offering kids loads of inspiration with a touch of mystery.

A few educational gift ideas there, and all are under $40. It’s great that gifts can help with their education.