Mother and baby with laptop

A Preview of our Unique Cloud Based CCMS

Mother and baby with laptop

The team at Kidsoft are forever working towards extending children’s learning capabilities and have a unique cloud based CCMS that allows you as a business and as a parent, to work together in achieving the most for children in their early learning years and onwards. Below are three fantastic add-ons to the Kidsoft product and a little information about each.

Is the perfect solution for busy parents who are juggling jobs with children, especially when occasionally that usual well organised daily routine doesn’t go to plan. We understand parents and guardians and the challenges, which is why we are offering iParentPortal where guardians can make payments, make bookings, change bookings, and also view all the documents of their account. Another advantage is that feedback and notifications will also be available. iParentPortal will soon be available on Android and Apple platforms to ensure your guardians have an easier life, keeping them in constant touch with their childcare service on the go.

The amalgamation of iDebitPro and Kidsoft is aimed towards small to large businesses in Australia. This permits payments to be made through either a direct debit process from a debit or credit card, bank account, or BPAY with adaptable schedules. Our team is devoted to making sure all your business transactions are stress free, at the lowest possible cost. You can be rest assured you will have the best service and support.

Storypark is the top communications platform in Australia for families to be involved in enhancing and improving the education of their children. It engages parents to become part of their child’s development and ongoing education. All the leading educators in Australia are using Storypark which includes; ECMS, Affinity Education, KU Children’s Services, Goodstart, and Guardian Early Learning.

As a Kidsoft customer, we’re proud also to offer you an exclusive discount see here for all the details and more about our cloud based CCMS.