Kidsoft Blog Drought Support

Drought support available as both grants and ATO relief

We know that many of you operate your services in Drought and Fire affected communities, you may have seen that the Government has released additional funding for Childcare services that may be drought affected.

We encourage all Kidsoft customers who are in these communities to apply for grant funding of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) under the Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) special circumstances grant opportunity.

If any service is unsure how to complete the application, please contact us at Kidsoft and we can put you in touch with an organisation that can assist with this.

Fact sheets, and grant application forms are available on the CCCF special circumstances drought support page.

Additionally, the ATO has also released guidance for affected services, that will allow more time to lodge and pay compliance obligations, such as BAS statements and will waive penalties and interest etc. You can contact the ATO on 1800 8026 218 or visit their website.

If your service is facing financial pressure due to the drought or fires, please contact us at Kidsoft to discuss your Kidsoft fees and how we can assist.

We at Kidsoft are here to support our customers, as we are all part of the overall Kidsoft Family so please reach out if you need support in any way.