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Securing 2021 Occupancy

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As we draw closer to the end of another year, for services this means starting the re-enrolment process for the new year and saying goodbye to children who are off on their next adventure – school!

The Kidsoft team have compiled some of their tips ‘n tricks to assist Services during this busy time. We’ve developed a series of bite sized tutorial videos covering each feature.

Take the stress out of manual enrolment administration with iEnrol, Kidsoft’s powerful customer relationship management (CRM) feature inclusive in your Kidsoft account. 

Kidsoft iEnrol settings support families who have waitlisted through iEnrol previously, pre-populating the enrolment form with their details. Families simply need to check that the information is correct, updating any details that may have changed, and then request the days they require for the new year. Embrace a paper free re-enrolment and invite your existing families to record their preferred dates for 2021 via iEnrol.

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Service Occupancy

At a quick glance, once your existing families start to re-enrol, you can refer to the Vacancies Menu to determine how many openings you have for new children. This will then allow you to adjust rosters accordingly. To assist in an increase in your service occupancy we would recommend the Utilisation Report which will highlight how many vacancies are available in order to up-sell additional days to families. 

CCS Bulk Booking Editor

In most services, children transition to a new room each year. The CCS Bulk Booking Editor allows services to move an entire room, or a handful of children. If services have a fee change that is determined by age, the booking types can also be updated in bulk using this feature.

Exit Child Feature

The end of the year also sees the end of enrolments with children heading off to school, re locating etc.
The Exit Child Feature is a one stop shop, allowing users to complete all the applicable steps associated to when a child exits the service.

We're here for you

Most importantly we want all of our customers to know that we’re here for you. If you need any support, have questions or would like to seek advice during this unprecedented time please reach out. Our team are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 5pm whether via phone, email or in person. We’d love to hear from you and support you in any way we can.