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Five ways using iDebitPro with Kidsoft can save you time and money

Did you know that Kidsoft has its own payment processing gateway that thousands of centres across Australia are using every single day? Did you also know that those centres are Kidsoft centres and that by using their proprietary payment processing gateway they save both time and money week in, week out? 

iDebitPro is the name of the payment gateway and it has been part of the Kidsoft family of features and services for just over ten years.  

More recently the Kidsoft team have been revisiting the importance of this key system for centre directors and families and have created a list of five reasons why all centres that use Kidsoft should also be using iDebit Pro.  

Child and adult holding piggy bank

1. iDebitPro is a safe and secure way to enable families pay their fees on time 
This is perhaps iDebitPro’s biggest benefit to service managers. By transitioning families on to automatic fee payments via iDebitPro service managers do not need to worry about whether funds are going to arrive. They do not need to be concerned with EFTPOS machines or cash. They do not need to be worried about keeping families financial details secure. They simply have to request a family sign up to iDebitPro and the rest will be taken care of. 

2. iDebitPro gives families a simple and efficient way of paying their fees 
The simplicity of iDebitPro’s system is the key benefit for families who sign up. They don’t need to be sending manual payments. They don’t need to be making sure that their payments are sent by a particular date. They just need to sign up and everything is automated, secure and transparent. 

3. iDebitPro and the Kidsoft Information Centre work together to update fees
With CCS entitlements often changing the ability for a childcare management system to correctly calculate any changes in subsidy amounts is essential but equally important is the ability of the system to correctly update the new fees to be drawn and ensure that the correct amount is paid. IDebitPro and Kidsoft do exactly that and as a result service managers and families can be assured that the correct fees will always be drawn. 

4. iDebitPro notifies in real time if failed payments occur
Although the vast majority of payments will be received properly from time to time a payment fails and when it does it is essential that the service manager is notified immediately. iDebitPro has that capability. As soon as an expected payment does not materialise the service manager will be notified and can then immediately follow up with the family concerned.   

5. iDebitPro is terrific value with no setup fees and no gateway fees 
And in a world which is certainly not getting any cheaper iDebit Pro has a refreshing stance on pricing. There are no set up costs and no gateway costs. There are also no lock in contracts. The pricing is consistent and transparent with the centre having the choice of absorbing the transaction fee or passing it on to families.  

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