Young kids carving Halloween jack-o-lanterns

Crafty Kids for Halloween

Young kids carving Halloween jack-o-lanterns

As Halloween approaches it’s great to get our little ones at pre-school involved in ‘Crafty Kids for Halloween’ fun. Not only is it fun for them, it also gets them using their creative minds as well as the opportunity to work with their hands

I know pre-school teachers out there have lots of ideas to keep our little ones busy and in the festive mood but I came across these to share. As always at Kidsoft we enjoy giving out tips for fun ideas.

Handmade Mummies
Amazing what you can do with toilet rolls. With some white tissue, white twine or wool, glue and goggly eyes of course, they can create their very own Halloween mummy.

Firstly, let them press the end of a strip of tissue in the glue then it’s time to wrap her up. They need to do this twice, then tie the wool around a few times and glue on the ends. Add the goggly eyes and there she, or he, is. At the end of class you will have a whole gang, so why not create a special spot on a black cloth, scrunched up slightly with some toy spiders for an extra effect.

Arty Pumpkins
These arty pumpkins not only use their creative side but also help their fine motor development. With this style of pumpkin craft you can leave them to their imagination. I love this as it combines cutting, ripping, painting, stamping, colour exploration and designing.

They will need strips of white paper, paints in orange, red, yellow, and a little brown, a small round and oval shapes of Styrofoam, black paper, glue, scissors and construction paper for the canvas. Show them an image of a pumpkin, give them their canvas then let them use their imagination with the paint. Leave the brown out until later. The white and black paper is for the eyes, mouth and teeth. You can help them a little here to cut them out, then let them stick them onto their pumpkin. The best bit is letting them dip the Styrofoam shapes into the brown paint to make spiders bodies then let them paint on legs. Voila they have their very own piece of pumpkin art.

There’s lots of ideas for Halloween I just thought these two were simple and don’t require many complicated materials.