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Kindyhub and Kidsoft Team Up

We’re thrilled to announce our latest API offering with Kindyhub, an innovative communication platform which enables educators to simplify and streamline documentation, enhance communication with parents, in-turn improving children’s learning outcomes.

“The decision to work with Kindyhub has come from the desire to present a best-of-breed solution for our customers.” Di Girvin from Kidsoft explains. “Partnering with complimentary software solutions and businesses will enable Kidsoft to focus on the continuous development and improvement of our product offering, allowing us to focus on what we do best, whilst still providing our customers with an unrivalled complete tech stack to deliver a best in class service to their families.”

Services using Kindyhub for their family engagement, child portfolios and planning can now take advantage of our seamless system integration; a best-in-class communication and CSS Management stack with a single API, saving you a number of hours of manual data entry.

The new integration requires services to only input child / parent information into one system, removing the need for double entry. When a new child commences at your service, and their information is entered into Kidsoft, Kindyhub will automatically synchronise the information. When you update a child’s profile within Kidsoft this too will pull through to the Kindyhub app.

For all bookings, including casual, the child will automatically be marked as present in Kindyhub on the day ensuring they receive any relevant room reports.

These initial features will be added to in time with further integration enhancements planned to achieve a more streamlined experience. 

How does the integration work?

Once the integration is live you will only need to update the children and parent details in Kidsoft, this will automatically sync in your Kindyhub account.

Names are copied over in proper casing for easy readibility.

You will see a notification at the top of your Kindyhub page to advise child profile changes must be made in Kidsoft.

The data between Kidsoft and Kindyhub sync’s every hour.

Kindyhub runs a connection in the background to match up names from both services. If a nickname is present in Kidsoft this is the name that will be displayed in Kindyhub.

If a child’s name does not match up, you can use the mapping screen to associate two child records in each system.

You will make the change in Kidsoft first and confirm the exit date. Once the child’s profile has an exit date, the Kindyhub system will automatically deactivate that child’s account.

Yes. Once a child has been confirmed as absent in Kidsoft this will automatically sync with Kindyhub, therefor Parent’s will not receive the daily updates from that day.

Interested in Kindyhub?

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Exclusive Offer - 12 months FREE Kindyhub

As a certified Kidsoft partner Kindyhub is delighted to offer Kidsoft customers, that currently do not use Kindyhub, 12 months FREE Kindyhub access.
*Conditions Apply

Kindyhub is a certified Kidsoft partner. Kindyhub enables educators to simplify and streamline documentation, enhance communication with parents, in-turn improving children’s learning outcomes. Learn more about Kindyhub and how they can assist your business by clicking here.