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Top 10 Illnesses Keeping Children Absent From Childcare

girl getting temperature taken

We’ve swiftly reached this year’s winter months which is typically a time when infections, viruses and bugs become most prominent. During last year’s winter months (2019), KindyNow tracked and recorded over 11,000 childcare bookings that were marked as absent due to illness, as well as the illnesses that were contracted.

From common viruses to irritating symptoms, there were over 70 different illnesses and symptoms of illness recorded for absent bookings. KindyNow have since reviewed this data to identify the top 10 most common illnesses that prevented children from attending their childcare service.

The top 10 most common illnesses recorded were:

1. Common Cold
2. Fever
3. Cough
4. Conjunctivitis
5. Influenza (Flu)
6. Viral Infection (Other)
7. Hand, Foot and Mouth
8. Ear Infection
9. Gastroenteritis (Gastro)
10. Vomiting

Collectively, the top ten accounted for up to 61% of the absent bookings.

Why it’s important to identify infectious illnesses early.
It’s incredibly important to identify in advance which illnesses are likely to impact your service so you can effectively prepare your staff and resources. When you’re better prepared you can successfully work towards minimising potential health risks and preventing an outbreak, which could force your families into being absent from childcare.

Over 150,000 childcare bookings have already been notified as absent with KindyNow in 2020 and as we navigate through unprecedented times with the recent outbreak of the coronavirus there has been a huge spike in absences and this figure continues to grow.

Now, it is more important than ever to ensure you have strong control and prevention strategies in place and your families are familiar with your strategy so they too can help you minimise the impact and spread of infectious illnesses.

For advice and tips on how you can ensure your service is meeting the National Quality Standards in minimising risk and protecting children from infection read the full article from KindyNow here.

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