5 Ways To Improve Customer Relationship With Parents At Your Childcare Centre

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Maintaining good relationships with the parents who bring their children to your childcare centre can prove a tricky balancing act. 

When it comes to ensuring that their little ones are safe and happy, parents can be (understandably) somewhat demanding. 

So when things get tough, try to remember that they’re trusting you with their most precious possession, and use the tips below to improve your relationship with them. 

Highlight Good Behaviour as Well as the Bad News

Days at childcare centres are busy and often full of micro-dramas, as kids, fight, cry, and throw tantrums. An inevitability of being rushed off your feet is that often, the only phone calls or emails that a parent will receive is to tell them that something bad has happened. It makes sense: these are the things that parents must be informed of, and so those conversations are unavoidable. 

Yet if every piece of communication with the centre means bad news — for example, that their little one is sick, upset, or behaved badly — parents will dread picking up the phone. Instead, try to contact them to tell them all the good stuff their little one got up to that week as well. Opening with a story about their child doing well will also soften the blow when you do have some negative information to impart. 

Make Transactions Easier With CCMS Software

The parents of children who attend childcare centres are undoubtedly going to be busy — that’s why they’re using your service in the first place. So lessen the admin burden on them with a CCMS software like Kidsoft

This software includes features such as a payment gateway, an enrolment gateway, an attendance tracker, and communication platforms. Not only will parents appreciate having all of the information relating to your childcare centre in one place, but it will also lessen the admin burden on your team, boosting productivity.

Encourage Feedback 

Parents will want to have their say — so give them an outlet for their opinions in a structured way. At the end of each quarter, consider sending out a parent feedback survey. Alternatively, try installing a suggestion box on your reception desk. Make sure parents know who they should contact if they have an urgent complaint or concern to report. This will make them feel valued and listened to, especially when you take steps to adapt to their feedback.

Involve Parents in Events

While your team needs to maintain professionalism around parents, remember that they will also want to get to know the caretakers they regularly leave their children with. Holding events when it’s safe to do so — and involving parents — is a great way to allow them to get to know your team in a professional setting. Whether you throw child-friendly parties, put on shows, or hold bake sales, the more you involve them, the more brand loyal parents will become. 

Ensure Your Centre is Always Clean, Safe and Hygienic

Maintaining a clean, safe, and hygienic space is the absolute minimum a parent will expect of you. Yet, with everything involved in looking after a bunch of children every day, sometimes things can get a little messy. Leaving some spilt food on a table for half an hour, or having an overflowing bin may not seem like a health hazard — but it will look bad to parents. If you run a large childcare centre, it may be worth employing cleaners throughout the day to keep the place spick and span. 

Running a childcare centre and keeping parents happy is no easy feat, but it can be truly rewarding. With these 5 tips in mind, you’ll be able to strive for the best possible customer relationships with parents.

5 Key Management Skills You Need to Master to Run a Childcare Centre

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Managing a childcare centre comes with a huge amount of responsibility — not only are you running a business, but you’re being tasked with the difficult job of keeping clients’ children safe and happy.

As a childcare centre manager, you need both excellent soft skills and hard skills to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

Here are 5 key skills any childcare centre manager should possess:

Communication Skills
First and foremost, if you’re responsible for running a childcare centre, your communication skills need to be second to none.

Not only do you need to communicate effectively with your team, but you also need to communicate in a way that means parents and guardians are completely comfortable leaving their little ones with you. 

It’s vital to communicate openly and often with both your team and your clients to ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable being honest with you, and providing useful feedback without hesitation. 

Technical Knowledge

Childcare and technology didn’t always go hand in hand. However, as technology has developed at breakneck speed, the industry has adapted alongside it. 

Through the use of software and apps, childcare centre managers are now able to minimise the time that they and their team would have previously spent on tedious admin tasks. What’s more, the use of organisational and workflow tech tools mean that fewer mistakes are made due to human error. 

This means that modern childcare centre managers need to have the tech skills and abilities that will allow them to implement any new software or app features that will boost their business. 

Organisational Skills
This one goes without saying: when you’re trying to run an organisation full of staff, children, and parents, you need to be one step ahead at all times.

Organisational skills and attention to detail are an absolute must. If your organisational systems begin to fall apart, staff and customers will lose trust in you, and the bottom line could take a hit. 

It doesn’t matter whether you use a ready-made childcare management software, or you’ve devised your own system, as long as it works for you. 

Leadership Skills
If you run a childcare centre, you don’t need us to tell you that childcare can be a seriously tough job. 

There are plenty of rewarding moments too, but at times your staff will be stressed and at the end of their tether. When this happens, they’re going to need to lean on you for support and guidance. 

As a centre manager, you need to know when to push your staff to achieve more, how to develop your team, and when to simply be a strong support for them. 

Business Management Skills
Then there’s the business side of things. Budgeting and forecasting. Recruitment. Complying with various regulations. Marketing and PR. Engaging suppliers. Maintaining records. 

These are all skills that can easily be learned through college and university courses, as well as on the job, but it takes effort and tenacity to put them into action when you have a business to run.

For more information on how Kidsoft can help you manage your centre, reach out to us to book a demo.