Our Children’s Nutritional Health

Toddler in bath with slice of watermelon

Our children’s health is very important for their mind, energy and confidence. It doesn’t have to be a dull, boring process we can make it fun!

Educating ourselves over our kids food lifestyle plays a huge part in the way they gain confidence and have a sense of wellbeing. It is down to us to make sure they learn about healthy eating and the benefits from an early age. It is a beautiful thing to see children active, fit and healthy. As early learning professionals we truly believe it is adult responsibility to introduce healthy living to our kids.

By getting kids into a good eating pattern, you can avoid obesity, food intolerances and establish any allergies early on. Food for energy is another part of healthy living, as kids need energy for all the exercise they do, even if it is simple everyday stuff. The important people in their lives like parents, siblings and school teachers can easily promote food for energy and food for thought as they have the most influence.

There are guidelines available by professional organisations that help towards the best choices of food and drinks for our young learners. Whether kids are inside or outside they have the right to enjoy physical activity. Being overweight can effect kids mentally as well as physically. They can become shy and withdrawn and sometimes angry with the world. It is all about balance and starting them on healthy food as soon as they get onto solids.

The government is supporting healthy eating in our kids, you can find out more here .