Girl blowing bubbles

The Best Outdoor Games Ever

Girl blowing bubbles

Never be stuck for something to do with the kids at nursery with these proven best outdoor games ever. Now we are getting into summer we’ll be outside a lot more, so below we’ve listed what we surveyed to be the best.

The caterpillar game is a great way to get them using their energy and is so easy to create. Simply draw a big circle of around a metre across with a face and of course the antennae, then draw at least another 10 attached to it. The caterpillar then becomes a race circuit, a challenging bunny hop playground and a leaping game. Get the children in a competitive mood by organising races. If you use different coloured chalk for each circle then shout out the colours so they have to jump on that particular one. Hours of fun and some pretty tired children.

The ‘play sneaky bear‘ is a fun game and especially gets children thinking. Get three different objects like a doll, a toy car, teddy bear and a blanket. Choose one of the children to pretend to go to sleep under the blanket then get another to take one object away and hide it. Sleepy head is then shouted ‘wake up’ and has to guess which object is missing. All the children can take a turn at this plus you can turn it into a hunt the missing object game as well.

Create an obstacle course and get them using those large motor skills. You can set them tasks like throw a ball into a bucket, hop down your caterpillar, kick a ball between two things, create a jump spot, touch a particular spot. You really can do anything with this, and actually get them into a relay. This is great aerobic exercise to get their hearts pumping.

Create huge bubbles by making your own solution. You need a gallon of warm water, a cup size of washing up liquid, 3 spoons of glycerine and a flat tray like an oblong cake tin or big bucket. Make your bubble wand out of a wire coat hanger, pipe cleaner or anything mouldable. Teach the kids to place it in the solution but to slowly lift it out and gently blow to create huge bubbles. Sometimes they will just appear on their own. Glycerin is the secret and can be bought from any pharmacy. Beautiful and this creates a sense of magic.