Kidsoft Blog Working Together With Storypark For Maximum Learning

Working Together with Storypark for Maximum Learning

Kidsoft Blog Working Together With Storypark For Maximum Learning

Working together with Storypark for maximum learning has been a genius move for Kidsoft. Over 100,000 professional teachers and families in 23 countries are benefitting from this online learning tool and we can see why.

Storypark offers an amazing opportunity to follow a child’s learning journey and see progress with all the family joining in. This is an incredible online platform where teachers and families can share videos, images and audio. Android and IOS even allow members to go live.

Teachers are able to check a child’s work before publishing  it and also within your team share and chat privately. Directors and head teachers can be invited as mentors which can only encourage a child’s capability.

We love the idea that curriculums can be chosen and also subjects so there are options to create a new framework or adapt an existing one.

There is no need to get new technology if you have an android device or IOS you can use Storypark anywhere.

Reports can be made so a child’s progress can be followed closely and teachers and parents can see where the children shine and what they like the most. This is also a brilliant planning tool for future frameworks.

Storypark allows huge family involvement so that parents can keep and follow records of their child from toddler throughout their young education. Teachers can also feel the support and back of families as they work together to help to develop to the maximum the education of Australia’s next generation.

At Kidsoft we are proud to be in collaboration with search a powerful online anywhere learning platform that we have no doubt will become an institution, and of course extremely delighted to be working together with Storypark for maximum learning.

Alongside our vast collection of CSM’s Software and our experience of over 25 years we believe we have it all to make any childcare business a great success for everyone.

Contact one of our highly experienced team at Kidsoft for any information regarding set up, consulting, improving and existing business or just a simple enquiry.

Storypark, a certified Kidsoft partner, allows you to record and communicate learning as it happens within a secure online environment. Learn more about Storypark and how they can assist your business by clicking here.

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Kidsoft and Storypark Team Up!

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Kidsoft and Storypark have teamed up to help Educators across Australia!
Kidsoft and Storypark are excited to be teaming up to take the stress out of teaching. Kidsoft users can now set up a Storypark community through Kidsoft. Set up a new Storypark community through Kidsoft by 30 June 2016 and you’ll receive three (3) months Storypark FREE! A 25% saving!

Storypark is a certified Kidsoft partner. Leading educators across Australia are using Storypark to engage parents, strengthen practice, support professional development, streamline assessment and rating processes, and improve their NQS ratings. Learn more about Storypark and how they can assist your business by clicking here.