Girl on grass in summer day holds windmill in hand

The Difference Pre-School Can Make

Girl on grass in summer day holds windmill in hand

Sending your children to pre-school is proven to have a huge effect. The difference pre-school can make is simply; confidence building, your children will be more sociable, and they will learn the basics of working as a team and also individually. The simplest things like completing a task, for example building something with bricks will make them feel proud.

It is mentally stimulating for children as young as 18 months and two years to be in a classroom/nursery environment. They will react to colours, pictures and a layout that gives them more freedom to be themselves. They will make friends and enjoy group activities, like games and also being given the chance to be creative. 

An example of the positive effect it can have is a personal one that we’d like to share. My God Daughter lives two hours away so I only get the chance to see her once a month, if I’m lucky. The change in her always amazes me! I get photo’s and video’s, but the most recent catchup really surprised me. She has been in preschool now for three months, since she was 20 months, and I had the opportunity to go and collect her.

I walked into a fabulous place, and instantly felt joy at listening to their little voices. She was in her classroom playing with another little girl and a plastic toy, looking very deep into the workings of it. I stood there for a few moments to watch them both, until she spotted me. She instantly remembered me and even gave me a hug. It was such a pleasure to see her little face light up. As children were getting picked up by parents I noticed they all said goodbye and were all in good spirits.

The teachers clearly love their job as they were all of a very sunny disposition and chatty to the parents and guardians. My little angel would have been quite content to carry on which was a really good sign. I was also shocked to discover she no longer wears nappies and tells her Mum when she wants to use the toilet. Obviously she has her own little loo, but still this is a fantastic growing phase for her before her second birthday.

The change in her is absolutely incredible. She is an inquisitive, exploratory, confident, sociable little girl. I can honestly say the nursery has a lot to be thanked for this. I have watched her grow from a baby into a toddler and cannot be more proud. I just wish they were closer.