Powering the Childcare Industry.

Connect and build strong relationships with families from the moment they enquire at your centre.

LineLeader’s simple, yet powerful Enrol product is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool that has been designed specifically for the childcare industry to help you grow your childcare organisation and improve the parent enrolment experience. LineLeader helps you connect with, engage and enrol more prospective parents by providing important features such as two-way communication, automation, marketing campaign tools and real-time performance reporting. For the past 10 years, LineLeader has streamlined marketing and enrolment processes for over 6,000 childcare centres across the globe.

Childcare directors, administrators and staff can track and follow up on prospective families from the initial enquiry all the way through to enrolment. Easily integrate your website, childcare directory listing, Facebook business profile and childcare management software to create a seamless enrolment experience for both your families and centre team. Find out more about LineLeader today or receive a free demonstration from one of our product specialists.

How to get started

  1. Connect LineLeader to Kidsoft
    Connect your Kidsoft account to LineLeader
  2. Import Data
    Kidsoft connects to LineLeader’s API and automatically syncs your waitlist data to Kidsoft creating a waitlist record ready to offer an enrolment at your service.
  3. Online Enrolment Process
    Using Kidsoft’s online enrolment facility, guardians create a secure Parent Portal account and complete an enrolment form.
  4. Track Conversion Rates Live
    Utilise live Insights to track lead conversion with LineLeader and Kidsoft data sync.