Illuminate what really matters with the sector’s first seamless family and employee feedback program.

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You probably already know this, but the no.1 deciding factor on how parents and staff choose a centre is how they feel about it. Your reputation is built on how people feel. every. single. time. they interact with your centre. And this drives your: occupancy, referrals, reviews and staff retention and engagement.

So how do you know how people are feeling at your centre? Are they loving things? If so why? Is there something bothering them? Are your team feeling valued?

Introducing SkyLight, the sector’s first done-for-you customer experience program. SkyLight uncovers and shares how people are feeling so you can focus exactly where you should to improve your reputation and ensure you don’t lose enrolments.

SkyLight delivers you a:

  • Cutting edge continuous family feedback program
  • Insights and benchmarking dashboards and reports
  • Testimonial collection and Google review drivers
  • A detailed employee experience program
  • And so much more

Here’s why SkyLight has been a no-brainer for their current clients:



  • Retained families who could have otherwise left
  • Uncovered numerous insights (hidden gems)
  • Received a steady stream of positive feedback to encourage their educators
  • Implemented without any friction

We have a limited intake open now as part of our partnership with Kidsoft.

How to get started


  1. Connect for a Demo

Complete the enquiry form on the SkyLight website (or call/email SkyLight)

2. Sign up

Kidsoft connects relevant data to the SkyLight platform ready to deliver surveys to the right families at the right time.

3. Receive valuable feedback +++

The SkyLight program will deliver family feedback to your inbox in real time, week after week as well as testimonial lists, detailed analysis reports, employee feedback and much, much more