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The world’s #1 platform for rostering, attendance, labour insights and workforce success.

Tanda is a global market leader in workforce management software, eliminating paperwork with products such as the selfie time clock, intelligent rostering system, automatic award calculator, attendance-to-payroll integration, shift swapping, and more. Operating in Brisbane, London, Chicago, and Manila, Tanda is committed to changing the quality of work around the world – one shift at a time.

Combine Workforce Management Data with Childcare Management Data
Kidsoft integrates with Tanda to provide key workforce metrics such as booking and attendance data for children. Tanda then compiles this data and makes suggestions based on your service ratios and labour cost. Use Kidsoft and Tanda to ensure you meet NQF ratio requirements and stay within budget.

Tanda integrates seamlessly with Kidsoft
Optimised Compliant Rosters | Control your staff expenses by knowing how many employees are needed to meet your educator-to-child ratios.

Automatic Roster Creation | Automatically generate the ideal roster based on ratios, wage cost, employee availability and more using Tanda’s Cognitive Rosters.

How to get started

  1. Connect Tanda to Kidsoft
    Contact the Kidsoft Customer Success team to coordinate the connection of your Kidsoft account to Tanda.
  2. Import Data
    Kidsoft connects to Tanda’s API and automatically syncs your demand data or bookings, and attendance data.
  3. Create Data Driven Rosters
    Using Tanda’s Predictive Workforce functionality to clearly identify compliance risks, and optimise your roster to stay within budget.